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Only new accounts, created today, can log in. But again, all they see is one section of the forum. All previous accounts have been banned. I can no longer log in with my old account. There are no other admins beside myself and DragonAsh, and he actually logged in today at 5 a.m. No, I don't trust him.

If you would like to help and want to switch to email, you can reach me at metalhead1092@aol.com
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i wanna know whats max size of textbox in vb6.0
actually i wanna show a long size file in text.......

but i faced sum problem .
is any body to resolve my problem?
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nikk you already have a thread - What is maximum size of textbox in vb6.0. Please do not jump into any thread with your query.

You submitted the query as an article and so probably you could not see it and I have moved it to the forum
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Just to complete this thread... The issue has been resolved. The site was taken over by the original owner who was back from a long hiatus. While he was abusing his authority, I had no grounds to give control of the site back to KyuuShin.