I am not sure if this is allowed or not - if this post is against any Rules i apologize in advance and this post can be removed.

I am in the process of creating a open-source project to track the Psychological Mood of a person, this application will be used by people visiting psychologists.

Target Audience
People that are currently in therapy or want to keep track of mood changes. The program is based on CBT.

To provide to the end-user the tools for him to be able to monitor his mood.
To provide to the therapist additional information for the client through the automatic generation of graphs.

I am looking for some volunteers to help me with Coding of the Project. I am doing the coding in Visual Basic 2010 and currently using MS Access 2007 as the Database. I have many plans to make this is a feature-rich application with the aim to help the end-user.

The Project is hosted on CodePlex; moodtracker.codeplex.com

If anyone is interested please feel post here.