Hey there!
A whole ton of people (including me) have a hard time with VNC remote login and most of them love the convenience of Logmein. NOTE: This method only applies to people dual-booting Ubuntu and Windows (XP\Vista).
People who havent started dual-booting XP\Vista and Ubuntu (for more compatibility) could always use Bomgar. Google it.
1) On windows, Download and install logmein by signing up here:
2) Install this and follow instructions:
3) Now you can access all your ubuntu files through logmein.
NOTE: Logmein doesnt let you download or upload files to the internet. But you could always use DRIVEHQ's file manager. I found it works fine with remote control. Just signup here:
and install the manager (on windows)
~3xistanc3 (aka DBK) (Dominic Brian Keers)