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You can log into windows vista without password. For this you need a live cd called OPHCRACK for Vista. Search google and you can find it. After u get the cd simply boot from cd and it will tell u all the passwords of all the accounts of windows vista on that machine
That's Not Logging On Without A password, That's Simple Retrieveing The Passwords So you Can Log In, It Is Possible To Log Into Vista, Without A password But It Is Exremely Difficult.
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how to open windows vista without password??
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how to open wondows xp without password
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Originally Posted by neo_vi View Post
both are difficult. I know to crack into XP without password. But i'm not sure whether it works in vista
How to do it with XP?
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I had forgot my password before.
and look through all the internet.
there are some methods I find.
You can access the Administrator account through the login prompt
without logging into safe mode. If the computer utilizes the welcome
screen instead of the standard NT domain login prompt, you can press
Ctrl + Alt + Del twice to get to the login prompt. This is only true if
you are running Windows XP Professional Edition. Windows XP Home Edition
will also allow you to use this method to log on.
If it doesn't work above , you can try to use"windows password key 8.0 "to get back the password !
hope it can help you.
good luck.
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Ophcrack, nuff said.