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I tried downloading from sourceforge and only got 89 Kbps but it probably varies based on time of day or something. Used the torrent and was getting a steady 100+. Anyway, after downloading OPH I decided to put it to use and tried on my family vista. The acting administrators account password couldn't be cracked, guess it was too complicated. Anyone know the future of bootable vista password cracking? I read up that abel & cain might be working on a live cd but would it fare any better?
What do you mean by it couldn't be cracked? Did it load the hashes OK? Or did it just hit the end of the thread without cracking anything?
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The progress bars all reached the end, i can't remember if there was a message listed where the password should be but the password wasn't found. The hashes were loaded fine, all the other passwords were found but this one. Im sure the final password has at least 1 capitalized letter and maybe a couple numbers but it shouldn't be too difficult.
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y dont u try this?

press ctrl+alt+delete TWICE... when ur computer is on the login screen... then in the username just put "administrator" without the quotes and leave the password blank... it works.

Note:- ur computer SHOULD NOT be connected to any kinda internet or LAN.
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if bios locked can clean with jumper rite???
if not mistaken...
better way wud be to remove and re-insert the CMOS
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y dont u try this?
Note:- ur computer SHOULD NOT be connected to any kinda internet or LAN.
It has nothing to do with LAN or internet. the only thing is that Administrator Password should be set as blank.
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It has nothing to do with LAN or internet. the only thing is that Administrator Password should be set as blank.
that isnt necessary... i have tried that on several computers.
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As far as I know , there are two main methods to solve the windows password problem as follows:
1st Method:
Start system and when you see Windows Welcome screen / Login screen, press [ctrl]+[alt]+[del] keys twice and it'll show Classic Login box. Now type \"Administrator\" (without quotes) in Username and leave Password field blank. Now press Enter and you should be able to log in Windows.
Now you can reset your account password from \"Control Panel -> User Accounts\".
Same thing can be done using Safe Mode. In Safe Mode Windows will show this in-built Administrator account in Login screen.
2th Method:
Windows password reset software:
for example:Windows Password Reset 6.0
Windows Password Reset 6.0
. Comparatively, It is more easy and convenient to use.
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If client service for netware is installed on the machine then you will have the classic logon screen by default. If the Administrator account has a password set then you will unfortunately not be able to use that method. Ophcrack is still the best way to go if you have physical access to the computer you can get the vista one at and the tables are included on that, If you have the tables on a flash disk you can use a linux live install CD which most of the times comes with ophcrack and then use that. If you need to do it remotely you can get cain & abel form and learn to use that program so that you can crack it remotely. It comes with a very good help file that will teach you everything you need to know about the application.
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cud u plz explain about XP ?
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  1. Step1. Find your Windows Vista installation disk, insert it into the CD-drive, restart the computer and enter BIOS. On the Boot Device Priority, select CDROM Drives to boot the computer from CD drive by moving the highlighted cursor. When the boot tips appear on the screen, press any key to boot the computer from CD. Click “Next” in the Language Selection interface, in the installation interface, click “Fix the Computer”, and click “Command prompt” in the System Recovery Options.
  2. Step2. After you boo the Command Prompt, enter the following commands one by one (Contents in the parentheses are annotations to the commands, no need to enter them. Provided Windows Vista is installed in C drive)

    copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\ (Assumed your Windows Vista is installed in C drive. This is to copy the command prompts to D drive)

    del c:\window\system32\osk.exe (delete the screen-keyboard program in “Easily Visit” com component)

    rename d:\cmd.exe osk.exe (Change the name of command prompts into the name of the screen-keyboard program)

    copy d:\osk.exe c:\windows\system32 (Copy the renamed command prompts to the OS directory)

    Tips: If the Vista installation disk is not available, you may alternatively boot the computer through DOS, load NTFSDPS (read only version), and enter “c:\windows\system32” to do the above operations.
  3. Step3. Reboot the computer and output the disk. On the Login interface, click “Easily Visit” icon on the bottom left corner, click “Confirm”, then you boot the computer with command prompt.
    Tips: If there is no “Easily Visit” icon, then follow the tips to enter a password as you like. When the OS tells the password is incorrect, click “Shift User”, in this window, you can active the “Easily Visit”.
  4. Step4. Right now you boot the computer with the command prompt as the administrator, which is the system account of the OS. It has all the privileges. Now, we can enter Vista via it. Let’s see what we can do after we enter the system.

    Case1. Setup a user extract file

    When people forgot the login password, the most they care is how to protect or extract the personal files from the OS drive. Well, do as follows: Enter “net user CFAN 123456 /add” in the command prompt, and then you set up a user account named “CFAN” with the password is “123456”. Enter the Vista with this account to extract any file you need. Do keep it in mind that this account must be deleted next time.

    Tips: You can also enter “net user” to display the current users, and then enter “net user CFAN 123456 /add” to change the CFAN user’s password into 123456 by force (CFAN is an existing user account with password forgotten).

    Case2. Reset user passwords

    Enter “mmc.exe” under Command Prompt to boot the Boot Console, and then click “File>Add/Delete Management Unit”. In the list select “Local Users and Group”, click “Add”. Go back to the Boot Console, and click “Console Pitch Line Point>Local User Group>User”, and then select the account that password is forgotten in the right window, right click “Set Password”, and follow the instructions will be OK. After all these are done, go back to the login interface and use this new password to login the Vista.

Or try some recovery tool like "windows password reset"