As far as 'hiring' a hacker. You could almost look at it from a perspective that...each of us do not individual posess MANY talents that others do. I coudn't paint my house professionally, I could try the quality level would show...or I wouldn't try to teach a Math class when I know I suck at math, so I would get someone obviously more equipped to take that task on. If you look at in this sense, if a hacker so chooses should he not provide his or her services when required by those who don't necessarily have the knowledge in that realm.

It's a matter of trust, and being able to know that when you 'hire' someone that they will provide the actual service you requested and not rip you off. It's an un charted realm, so ethics well, is it ethical to hack into someone else information in any shape or form in the first place?

I'm rambling, but that is some of what I think.