Yes. We all know that anything is theoretically possible with computers. All data: passwords, usernames, bank information, blah blah blah; are stored SOMEWHERE in the world wide web. We know that by the way that we can enter a password in plain text and login fine which tells us that it was able to take that plain text and compare it with something. We can see the same thing with bank information and login information for everything we do.
But WHY are there so many people in the ETHICAL hacking section that a) ignore the word ethical; b) assume this is easy for someone who knows a little something about computers; c) clearly know little to nothing themself about computers?
Its surprising and not at the same time to come to this site and see this. So many people get scared about hackers on the news because they don't understand it. People assume that they can come here and find the right scheming person that can help get them vengence for an ex love or a person that's wronged them. They come here asking for something that they can't do, but assume that its just that easy for someone else to do.
I don't know what I plan to accomplish by posting this. Probably nothing. Its just obnoxious to come here and see it in a section that should be talking about hacking attacks and protecting yourself from them. It should talk about how hacks are performed so that people are more educated on the subject and won't just ignorantly come asking for someone to 'hack an email address and get a password'. I mean come on. Since when does the variable that holds the email address also hold the password anyway? The sentence itself doesn't even make sense, let alone the actual request of the person that is masked by a pure misunderstanding of the task.
I really hope I don't get booted for posting this on my first day. Just please read it and drop the silly questions like that. If you want to know how a hack works so you understand it ask that. If you want to know how to protect yourself from hacks ask that. But don't try hiring a hacking hitman to do things that clearly you don't know how they would work. It just sounds dumb and it gets old fast.
Thank you for reading.

Pee Ess. I have no idea how to do any hacks either so please don't think I think I'm 1337 or something. I just want to learn without seeing spam about stuff like this.