Listening to Multiple Ports in c

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Can some one help me or guide me on how to access two different ports on a same multicast address.

Assume that a server sends a mpeg2ts encapsulated using udp to a multicast group address say It sends two streams to the same multicast address but to different ports say 1300 and 1400.

In my program i have to access these to ports at a time. Is this possible???

Please Help me with this

Thank u
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I don't know for certain cos I've never tried it. But I can't see any reason why the example given at can't be extended as follows:
	UdpTestSocket s1(h), s2(h);
	port_t port1 = 1300, port2=1400;

	s1.Bind(port1, 10);
	s2.Bind(port2, 10);
The only thing that could go wrong with this - aside from it not being supported - is that you might need two SocketHandlers:
	SocketHandler h1,h2;
	UdpTestSocket s1(h1), s2(h2);