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Requirements:- Link back to the site
Cost : Free
Please note that a link back to 321Webmaster.com is not required. However!, sites that give us a button or text link on their main page or links page will be given top priority in the review process.

Requirements:- Link back to the site
Cost : Free

Cost : Featured links $14.95
Regular links $4.95
Regular links with reciprocal free

Cost : Basic Listing - $19.95 per year for each Basic Listing you purchase
Enhanced Listing - $99.95 annual flat fee
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# No Illegal Or Adult Sites
# Free Or Paid Features
Featured $5.00
Regular Free
Regular With Reciprocal Free
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Hello, I would also like to add my directory

URL :- http://www.NPLinks.com/
Requirements :- No invalid / Adult content / illegal sites
Cost :- Free & Paid

Thanks again
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URL :- http://www.figurematch.com
Requirements :- For dating / singles related sites only.
Cost :- Free one ways / Free reciprocals / Sponsored $25

Has anyone checked http://www.avivadirectory.com/strongest-directories/ loads of directories listed there by 'page strength' as defined by SEOmoz.

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Offtopic comment:
aviva has really nice list.
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Yeah they have a great list, but too many to copy over to here - my little fingers would be stumps by the end of the post...!
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Hello friends,

All of you have compiled a resourceful list of web directories.

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URL:- <<Link Removed>>
Requirements:- Programming Experience]
Cost:- Free for life!

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thanks for the information
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http://DirectoryIsland.info is a directory you can submit your site to for free.

Hope this helps!