Thanks for your feedback coderzone. Just let me know if this approach is right (well i'm assuming it's not as it's not working). Assuming the linked list has 8 nodes and 3 k (k being the longlink).
I find the node for deletion (lets say node 4). I make node 3 point to node 5 (that works well). Then what i'm doing is, i'm saving the actual longlink of node 4 (into the variable int number - which should store 7 - and it does with the testing i've done). Once i've saved my node number, i iterate through the list to see which nodes longlink is pointing to 4, and i update the longlink of that node to the value of 7. So technically, the node i've found through iteration that was long linking to 1 should now actual have the value 7.
Now, i notice that the number variable is storing what i want it to store, but when i try and use that number variable in my for (or my do while loop) - it just cannot access it - i.e. the if statement doesn't recognise the data in number?
Isn't that correct?