Hi - i just needed some help. I'm constructing a circular linked list which means 1st node points to 2nd, and so on. The task i need to accomplish is that i need to remove one node (any node in the linked list). So lets say i have 8 nodes in my circular linked list and i want to remove the 4th node. We know that the 4th node points to the 5th node. Anyway, my current function has no problem with deleting any node except for the 2nd no. No matter what I try to do, I cannot delete the 2nd node. Here is my function: Im sorry if there isn't enough info here, but you can ask and i'll be happy to reply back. Thanks.

node* prev = current; // current is the head of the linked list  im making a pointer prev to 			//also point to head
node* cur; // just another pointer

 cur = prev;  // let cur also point to the head of the linked list

 for (int i=1; i <= size(); i++) // size is the size of the linked list

 if (prev -> num == x ) // x is the node I want to delete  so if the first node contains the                  //data (num is the data field of the node)  then do the following

  cur -> shortlink = prev -> shortlink ;
  delete cur;
  cur = prev;
  prev = prev -> shortlink;