Hai I am new member of go4expert, I m badly in need of a solution for the below problem,please help me with the code

Here are the assignment requirements -
LinkedList.exe, upon launching will read the attached txt file and create a linked list data structure dynamically.
Each node of the linked list will have a name field and a score field.
The following are the options that the program should provide for operating on the linked list
Add Node - Prompts for a name and score and adds it at the end of the list
Delete Node - Prompts for a name and deletes the node with that name
Insert Node - Same as Add Node, but takes an additional parameter of the location in which this new node is to be inserted
Sort Nodes - Should take a parameter A (alphabetical sort based on name) or N (numeric sort based on score)
Display Nodes -
Save Nodes - This will output the curent list and save it into the same Scores.txt file
Exit - Exits the Application
please send me the code if any body knows is as early as possible.