Sorry thought I gave enough there. Alright I will explain more what I am trying to do and what I have done.

Alright, first my goal was to take some numbers from an infile or inputfile (any numbers). They happend to be 8,0,4, the input file. Then I scanf the infile for numbers below with a fscanf and then they are passed up to some helper function which I will explain If I need to. Below is the scanning part.

/* insertion sort */

	BasePtr start, p, add;
	int x;
	int length;
	tmp = GetNode(0);      ----->This line I believe might be my downfall, I believe it      only works if the first number is the smallest.  

	for (i = 0; i < 10; ++i)
		if(fscanf(infile," %d", &x) !=1)
		printf("Adding node with data value %d\n", x); /* for debugging purpose */
		add = GetNode(x);
		p = FindInsLoc( start, add );
	    start = InsertNodeAfter( start, p, add );
    printf("\n Total number of nodes added = %d\n", i);
	printf("Sorted list ----- \n");
	PrintList( start );

	return 0;
---------My output below-----------

nuke@nuke:~$ ./a.out infile outfile
Adding node with data value 8
Adding node with data value 4
Adding node with data value 0
Adding node with data value 9

Total number of nodes added = 4
Sorted list -----
Val: 0
Val: 0
Val: 4
Val: 8
Val: 9

So I am not sure how I would get rid of that zero...the first one because there is a zero in my infile.

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