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Link juice is the quantity of link benefits as in traffic and ranking one gains and page rank juice is the end result of such links. But link juice is related to over optimization which is gonna get stopped in few days.
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I'm not sure how you arrive at that conclusion. A "natural" link passes link juice and has nothing to do with over-optimization.
I agreed with that, the concept of link juice has nothing to do with over-optimization because if this comes into the trend then, what will be the importance of Page Rank remains in the internet. The high Page Rank referring sites are considered to be very important and trustworthy. Therefore, Page Rank is the factor of concern for most of the website owners in-spite of its percentage in the contribution of SERP ranking of a website.
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I think we will have to careful that this thread does not evolve into a discussion on the relative importance/unimportance of PR because that is another topic and has been discussed already in other threads.