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That wasn't my interpretation of what I listened to about over-optimization, but maybe you are right and we will find out soon enough anyway
Yes but then when I read of online content on this I found that Google is after sites that have high backlinks count.

I mean what I am sharing is still guess work by experts but like from where you are being linked semantically from a page would also be count. Say for example in blogs you have <div id="comments"> for comments section of the blog and links from that part of the page may not be as valueable as inside div of post.

Another report suggested that Google would devalue the backlinks factor and increase the influence of +1 factors in ranking algorithm but I doubted that because then Google would become yet another Digg

Few other reports commented on the linking factors as option to deal with over optimization and so thinking over it I realized that only way to over optimize my site's content is by stuffing keywords into the page and that is very well taken care by Google and so the over optimization part has to deal with off page SEO factors and so this is my interpretation of over optimization.

Do let me know your thoughts.