I read on many forums and also some threads here that the following are the most effective ways of link building.
  • Article submission to Article directories
  • Directory Submission
  • Link exchange with related sites
  • Forums Posting with link to signatures
  • Blog Comments

But according to me they are the most useless ways of getting links. All these are self promotional links and each link is worth nothing. The links that make the difference are the real non-self promotional links that are given editorially and freely by other sites as your site is worth linking to.

But for new websites usually they would not get the luxury to get real non-self promotions when they first start. So it is always best to do some promoting of your self to see some increase in SERPs. And then when you got some traffic, your website will be recognized as a great source to be linked to and you can stop promoting because other people are doing it for you.

So I would like to get some inputs on what could be your best way to promote your new site.
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