Yes you are the founder, yes you have a gazillion posts and yes you are evidently an authority figure. But during you mission, whilst flying around the forum in your cape and red undies, find the definition of "spamming" I did not leave a link of any kind. Im not promoting any product or services and im not falsely leading anyone on.

I want to know what a complete link building service would and should offer. So when someone actually replies with USEFUL information regarding my question I get a complete answer with which i can turn into a HELPFUL service to provide.(and when i provide that service in the near future it will be in the right category, hence no spamming)

Wow, for such a highly ranked figure as yourself i thought you could tell the difference.

Anyway, Im going to go and do some more useful work. Please dont bug me again.

Oh, and if you feel the need to take the high and mighty approach and abuse your power feel free. Delete me. I got many more forums that do things the right way



PS-feel free to pm me or carry on this issue. Im all ears