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I could'n agree with you. Backlinks of course can help you boost ranking,it's off page SEO.But on-page SEO is more important,content is king, Backlinks is the queen.'s Avatar, Join Date: Oct 2011
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my dear
the link buildibg is the process of crearting quality of inbound links by means to ones own website
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Originally Posted by Izaan View Post
I read that Link building do not support in increasing the Ranking of keyword in Google.
is this true i gives 30 link for a site .....and it means my 30 relevant link have no use in increasing the ranking of my site.......
You can say that the statement is partially correct. When you will try to build links from ir-relevant and bad sites (penalized sites), then it didn't contribute in the keyword ranking and sometimes harm the reputation of the website. But, link building helps to improve your keyword ranking when the links are from:
- niche sites/pages/content
- do follow
- high PR sites
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30 links matter but what more is required is the quality and the back links which are pointing to your website. Even if you build 100 links a day and it has no influence over the site then it is useless and one link with popularity and solid foundation can make you rank well.
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I think we are all agreed that link building may or may not be beneficial, depending on how it is done. Google prefers natural links, but e.g. links obtained by submission to human edited directories are not strictly natural but are acceptable. If any benefits are obtained, they will be dependent on factors such as the anchor text used and where the link is coming from, e.g. the authority and relevance of the linking page, and the number of OBLs from that page.
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Originally Posted by apexis View Post
find high pr forums
The question was how does link building help, not how to build links.