hey guys,

iam a java prgrammer who is new to c/c++.
I have a big VS.net c++ project file here and try to understand it in order
to transfer it to another system.

the project inlcudes a *.lib file (project properties > Linker > input). When this file is included, the program compiles and links well, when i remove it, (of course ) not doesnt anymore. i get error messages like :

" Error 30 error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _x264_cpu_cpuid cpu.obj "

the funny part is that the function" x264_cpu_cpuid" is defined and declared in one of the project source and header files. so the linker doesnt really need some extra lib files.

for what is this (1.7 mb large) lib file used, and how can i get rid of it ? (my target compiler cant load VS lib files)

i hope you can help me

ps: if somebody has the time, i would send him the hole folder - to make it easer