Hey, i'm in the final stage of a course who has c++ programming to learn, i gotta do an empty project on win32 console application(it doesn't necessarily need to be that i think,i'm just mentioning cause it's what i'm used to work on,and btw the only thing we have here to work on is microsoft visual c++ 6.0 if that helps on anything at all) with everything we learned(i mean code based,not literally as everything as every single project we did),i have some knowledge on #include<stdio.h>, #include<conio.h>, #include<stdlib.h>, #include<string.h>(to be more specific,printf,scanf,if/else,switch,getch,while,do while,size of,etc(the basics of c++)).
As i typed on the title,i'm outta original ideas on what to do on the project and i'll be grateful to hear any kind of suggestion.

P.S.: I'm a newb as probably anyone well aknowledged on the subject can see by the way i typed this and hoping you don't give a to much complex suggestion if possible even though i'll still be willing to hear cause it might help me snap to a good idea.

P.S.S.: 1 question,how do i change background/text color,i did my research on some commands and don't seem to work or i'm doing it wrong,i think it's simply they don't work on this version of visual c++ but just wondering the code if you can help.

Thank you for reading at the very least.