Hello Experts,

I am doing SEO for one of my website from last 1 year. With 2 keywords and one landing page (homepage). I have achieved ranking for both keywords on 1st page of Google after 3 months of campaign start. and currently I am just maintaining the ranking.

From last 2-3 weeks one of my keywords ranking starting to drop.
1 Month Back

Keyword 1 - 3rd Position
keyword 2 - 4th position.

But now one keyword remain same position and another one started to drop and now its on #14 on Google 2nd page. Sometime that keyword goes up on 1st page and some time drops (I think it might be Google Dance).

I am thinking about to change the title meta and the description along with more targeted keywords.

My question is currently my keywords are in ranking so If i do on-page changes, does that will effect on my current ranking drops?