Hello all,

I am bit confused about following match type in google keyword tool.
Match Type (Broad, Exact and Phrase)
I know the difference between in these three but I want to ask people who is really working with keywords research so that I can get answer properly.

Match Type - Keywords - Global Monthly Searches - Local Monthly Searches

Broad - web designing company 301,000 74,000
Exact - [web designing company] 4,400 390
"Phrase" - "web designing company" 22,200 1,000

In my opinion Match Type "Phrase" is useful for SEO purpose.
And Match Type [Exact] is useful for PPC purpose.
Please, let me know if I am wrong here.

With above example what do you think is better for SEO point of view in order to gain traffic and ranking? What you use for your SEO projects?

Please, help me people and share your views here.

Thanks in advance!!