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Yes but I would suggest being more diverse than just changing the order of the words, i.e. try to find alternative words that mean the same thing or are similar.
Take Texas real estate for example - you could use different locations within Texas where there is real estate offered, Austin, Dallas, Houston etc and use different related words to add to them. So diverse keywords could be Dallas homes, properties in Austin, condos for sale in Houston.
(I'm not sure if the phrasing would be right for the US market but hopefully you get the idea of what I mean)
Oh I know this before was little confusing going on about the word.
Actually we use word "keyword swapping" instead of "diversification"

Now I am all clear with exact information provided by you. It is one of greatest forum I can say, because of instant reply and exact answers. It is really helpful for me and I know also for others.

Thanks a lot for this!!