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Yes, I am experience Search engine optimizer but as you know and as I mentioned above SEO is kind of thing that if you think you achieve all aspect of SEO, then you come to know about your in middle of it. Having said that if I should have known the answer, why will I ask here to get others veiw?
I don't know you would ask the question, there is nothing in your opening post to suggest a reason. If you have come across a term you are not familiar with, the best course of action is to use a search engine to query it. Then if there is something about the answer you find that you do not understand or would like to discuss, a forum can help.

When I do a search for "keyword diversion" the only result I get related to SEO is your posting of the same question on another forum. If the term does not even exist, how can anyone give their view?
If you actually mean "keyword diversification", that is simply not concentrating on one keyword, so that a site can rank for a number of different keywords.