Alright, someone already posted such a topics and actually got replies of some sort, so apparently, this is fine. Please do <u>NOT</u> tell me to serach the internet for "information on how to do such and such", because I have been doing that for about a year... (unless it is a new concept which is not obvious)

I have a keylogger and I have an IP. I need to know how to get this onto the target computer. Obvioulsy, I cannot get target to download anything from me because I would do that automatically. If you can actually tell me how to embed a file into another file without corrupting the file, I *may* be able to do that. But the direct way would be easier. Sure, port scans can be involved with it. But there are a bunch of setting on the port scanners. When I used mostly the default setting, it said the computer was not connected (this computer is always on & always connected). A friend who did a scan once got some open ports, but said "none of them are useful". I don't know why one port would be useful and one wouldn't be. But even if I do find a port, what would I do with it? You can't just say, "Okay, I have this information, now the logger is miraculously installed!". Will somebody please help me? I am not a retard, I am actually trying to LEARN here. And a typical "lollo sme plZ hak psswrd for me" person posted here as well, and got responses that were not too deragatory. Although I am not sure why you would be deragatory to those people at all, if they are typing with proper grammar and puncuation.