Journalist writing an article on ethical hacking

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Hi people -

I'm a freelance journalist in the UK writing a piece on ethical hacking for one of the Sunday papers.

I'm keen to talk to and possibly come and meet one of the 'hobbyist' ethical hacking community over here. I'm based in South London.

If there's anyone based within reasonable travelling distance who'd be interested in my coming and meeting them to talk about what they do and possibly watch how they do it by all means get in touch. If you want to check my credentials you'll find my website at - you can contact me on the numbers and e-mails on that site or mail straight to

Many thanks indeed for any help anyone can offer.

Best regards
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There are lots of very good hackers (most of them are ethical) at
CReate an account in the forum and PM some users asking for help.
If I were you I would ask help to RSnake, ID , christ1an, Ronald, they are really good.