Hi Guys,

i spoke to ben about this before, and i thought i would try and have a go at it myself.

but as i do not know the first thing about javascript and not being able to find anything on the internet i thought i would ask here.

i currently have a product search box on my shop which is made up of the following HTML.


<h3>Product Search</h3>
<form action="index.asp?function=SEARCH" method="post">
<input name="search" type="text" value="Type Search Criteria + Enter" size="25" class="searchbox" />
as you can see i have it so that in the contents of the search box it says "Type Search Criteria + Enter" but the problem is the user has to delete all whats in the box before they type anything in

what i would like to happen is that when someone clicks in the search box it automaticly deletes "Type Search Criteria + Enter" allowing them to enter a product without having to delete anything.

also how hard is it to get the background colour of the search box to change?

Thanks in advance

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