jenn2bowman, what manaila is trying (very badly!) to say is that if you want help, start a new thread. Do not hijack someone else's thread; it's considered rude, just as if you were to interrupt a verbal conversation with a completely different question. This thread/conversation is about manaila's difficulty with Java and C++, not about the diffiiculties you have in your class. Yes we will help, but you have to start your own thread.

manaila: there is no problem at all doing client side programming in one language and server side programming in another. You have to define a comms protocol of some kind, then you just have to implement the server part of that on the server, and the client part of that on the client. If you code both parts in the same language then it is slightly easier as you get to reuse parts of the code, but code reuse is not possible if they're in different languages.
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