Alright. I had an e-mail account previous to this one, registered with Hotmail. Some nasty stuff happened, and the boyfriend, who knew my password, ended up becoming an exboyfriend instead. I decided to reset my password. Only problem is, I'd had a tad too much to drink that night... and I can't seem to remember what I changed it to. I tried te reset password option. I can't remember any of my location information or the answer to my secret question (this is a really old account). Also, I had no alternate e-mails regsitered with this account, so I can't send a reset e-mail. This e-mail account has lots of messages saved that held a lot of value to me, and I'd like to retrieve them... Any help?

In case you want to respond: I've already tried a few programs. The ones that retrieve a saved password won't work for me; I never checked off the 'Remember this Password' box, ever.

Also, don't even try that whole "Send an e-mail to this support adress, with your e-mail and password and your victim's e-mail blah blah blah".... I already know it's a scam, so don't waste your time.

I'd also like to find some way that I could do it without having to pay any money.