Issue with "text" field

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Hi Folks,
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I've an issue with one Java application - for which I'm in here. I was making a minor change in one of the JSPs to modify a textBox to textArea - of course syntax taken care of. While I'm locally deploying this application using Weblogic, after modification, the server shuts down. The result is the same even after I rollback the change, unless I delete that JSP file and recreate it in the workshop. I thought the issue was more to do something with the configuration or whatever.

Please suggest.

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Textbox as in HTML input tag?
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I replaced the following:
<%--<td> <label CLASS=MANDATORY>&nbsp;&nbsp;</label> <netui:textBox dataSource="{actionForm.holdReason}" size="26" readonly="true" styleClass="clsReadOnlyText" /></td>--%>

<td> <label CLASS=MANDATORY>&nbsp;&nbsp;</label> <netui:textArea dataSource="{actionForm.holdReason}" readonly="true" styleClass="clsReadOnlyText" rows="5" cols="28" /></td>