Maybe there was a pre-requisite to the class, are you already supposed to be able to do this?
Or is it just a "let's see what people can do already"-type assignment. Maybe not having a clue is a valid answer.

Best solution really is to discuss this with the teacher to find out why he's set you an impossible task.

Because if we solve this for you then your teacher will assume you (a) cheated or (b) fixed it yourself, so for the first case he won't give a toss, and for the second then you won't get the teaching you need because he'll think you won't need it, and the next assignment will be harder, and there will be a dependency cycle created because you also won't be able to do that one, and will post it here expecting us to do it for you again.

So: no, I think fixing this for you is probably about the worst thing anyone can do for you right now. Sorry if that seems harsh. Talk to your teacher, or if you really think he's incompetent (and that the problem really isn't caused by you goofing around) then raise a formal complaint against him.