First of all apologies for a small but screwing mistake in the program! and once again no comments which makes it dfifficult! Wasnt feeling well so posted in a hurry! Here are a few comments and an extra addition in RED . Thanks a lot for pointing out the mistake.
#include <stdio.h>

int main() {
    char str1[] = "aman";   
    char str2[20] = "Vini";
    char *ptr2 = str2;
    char *ptr1 = str1;
    int count =0;
    int counter =0;
    while( '\0' != *ptr2 ){   
           count++;  // Counting the number of characters in the string here.
    while( '\0' != *ptr1 ){
           *ptr2++ = *ptr1++; // Here we are actually concatenating 
                                                                           // the string.

    *ptr2 = '\0';
    printf("str2 = %s, Length of first string = %d", str2, count); // This will show the   
                                                                                          //concatenated string.
    ptr2 = str2; // Resetting the pointer
// Now belolw is a very crude way of printing just "Vini" from "Viniaman". Not sure here if 
// it serves ur purpose.
    while(counter < count){
                  printf("%c", *ptr2++ );
    return 0;

Please let me know if you have any doubts on that.

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