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AMD really f**ks. I'm using AMD 3000+ processor with ASUS AV-VM VIA chipset. The issues like AMD produces more heat are already fixed. no need to worry about that. But An INtel processor always performs better than any AMD. In digit mag review, both AMD and intel Quad core are compared with high end games like Doom, Doom-2, and software like Dr.DivX. It's proven that Intel Performs better. If u re goin2 get a new one, buy Intel E8500. and put a motherboard which has nVidia graphics chipset.
AMD is no longer goin2 survive in the market, as per the current report. Intel has 45nm technology and multiprocessing capability, where as AMD fails to give those in a good amount. The only technological advancement of AMD is 940 pin processor,still Intel uses 754 pins in it. But it doesn't make much difference.
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^^Agreed, get intel.
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i think intel should good one...
bcoz intel have many types of processor...
like cisc & risc based or combination of both...............
and many features....
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Originally Posted by debleena_doll2002 View Post
same processing speed AMD has less cost than Intel with the same processing.
Originally Posted by debleena_doll2002 View Post

One thing more power consumption taken by Intel is more that AMD.

Very untrue. I have a Core -7 860, and my friend has anAMD Phenom X4 9850, and I can easily say mine uses less than or equal to the same amount of power.

Also, with all the marketing and sales that Intel makes allows for better research.

AMD is less expensive, true, but IMHO Intel is a bit better.
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intel definitely better, at least for my purposes
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According to the performance of the processor we can say Intel is better the AMD processor.Mostly Inltel provide better response.
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amd stand for advanced micro device intel stands for international electronics ;;;;correct me if im wrong amd is more on gaming,intel is for surfing
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Intel for quality and AMD for money. It has been so for a long time and don't see things to change for even longer
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Comparing the benchmark results of all processors tested and out on the market, the new generation of intel core i7 with the sandy bridge architecture still tops the list and next to it is a long list of Intel processors, which does not really display that much good in terms of AMD's image.

Though that is what you could expect from the top of the line and you probably would ask what about those in the same price range and most likely the same in terms of specs. For the core i3 and one of those phenom processors, the i3 beats in paper at almost every aspect.
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I am a big fan of AMD components. just hope they will not disappoint me with the next processor i will buy !