insertion sort complexity ananlysis

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i need the solution of this problem. if any1 can plz help me out.
Using C implement the following
sorting algorithms:
• Insertion sort
Run this algorithm on the arrays of the following sizes: 10000,20000,30000,40000,50000. Use random number generators to generate the input arrays. For each input size,
run your programs at least 5 times (with different inputs) and report the average
performance across these runs.
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use internet books..there is no help needed in this case..
if you have any issues while implementation then we all here are ready to help you out..
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thanks for ur concern.
actually i m nt able to find out the proper procedure to do so.
i huv witten the code that pefoms sorting on random numers but not able to calculate the time
so that i can put in the eqn
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Well the standard clock() function (see stdlib.h) can tell you to about 1 second accuracy how much CPU time has elapsed between two points in the code.

But if you want higher precision timers, you need to tell us which OS/Compiler you're using.