Hi guys,
I'm having a problem with my database.
Im busy devellopping a small textbased rpg wich i want to store in an access database.
there are a few tables i want to get info out of with my query.
*characterinfo : information of the characters playing
*Rooms : the different rooms in the game
*Traps : the traps in the rooms

What I have in mind of getting is quit simple
I want to be able to see each characters location, with their respective traps at that location.
here is my code
SELECT CharacterInfo.Charactername, Rooms.RoomCoordinateX, Rooms.RoomCoordinateY, Rooms.RoomCoordinateZ, Traps.Trapdescription, CharacterInfo.[Character description], CharacterInfo.characterstatus, CharacterInfo.[Health Points]
FROM (Traps INNER JOIN Rooms ON Traps.[TrapID] = Rooms.[Trap]) INNER JOIN CharacterInfo ON Rooms.[RoomID] = CharacterInfo.[RoomID];