JavaScript is one of the most used Web based language.JavaScript (js) is the continuation of HTML (Hyper text markup language).
There are many uses and (of course abuses) of javascript language.Here are few things that you may or may not seen in your web serfing areas
  • Clocks
  • Mouse trailers
  • Drop down menus
  • Alert messages
  • Popup windows
  • HTML from data validation
These things are done basically with the help of java script
Writing javascript

Javascript program usually written on Specially text editors.Some kind of text editors are specialy build for writting HTML languages.
Usually notepad,word pad are used in writing Javascript enabled files.Some text editors like G-edit are used in linux platform.
After writing the HTML/javascript based files you must remember to save the text as HTML
ie If your HTML file name is “index” save it as index.html.Viewing html based programmes is not a difficult task. You must have a web browser such as Windows explorer,Mozilla firefox ect
So first up all lets look into a sample html programm
<html> <head></head> <body> Hello world </body> </html>
the letters are not case sensitive you can type your program in Upper case or in lower case.
Output of programm will be:-Hello world
Exploring javascript
Let’s find out how it works
  • There will be one opening tag (ie) <html> is a closing tag and </html> will be its closing tag (you will pronounce it as slash html).
  • JavaScript is an additional script used in html. So you must specify that you are using an additional script for that you must use “<sript type=”text/javascript”>” N.B if you are using other scripts you must denote it
  • Document.write(“your text here ”) is a specific tag used in JavaScript to print texts used as input.
  • You must close your all tabs like </script>,</head>,and </html>
In some browsers JavaScript may not be enabled. You must enable the JavaScript