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SMO is the fastest way to increase traffic on site/blog.
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If you want to increase the traffic in your blogs then you have to write the quality and attrcative contents and use high PR sites for blogs.
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First of all search you niche related keyword and select some low competitive and having somewhat good search volume you can create your blog post using that keyword and initially update your blog 2-3 times weekly than after you can limit your post also interlink your posts, submit blog in blog directories, you can ping and bookmark your blog
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To increase your blog traffic do SEO techniques Social bookmarking with high PR, Forum post with signature and Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
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Do social media to increase the traffic of your site. All link builds are good to increase the site traffic. If you want to know about your question read some articles wickedinnovations dot com
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Share your blogs in different social networking sites to get good traffic. Content also creates an impact if its informative in nature. So make sure it is informative and readers should not get bore while reading it.
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do social networking & bookmarking of your blog. submit your blog to facebook, twiter & most popular bookmarking sites like digg, delicious stubmble upon etc
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Do the social bookmarking, and use the social networking sites to find the visitors.
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All the above suggestions are fine providing the traffic is there to be had in the first place.
None of them will bring it if your blog or website is in a niche such that there are relatively few people looking for what you provide.
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Originally Posted by commodity View Post
do follow article submission
classified submission
social networking site .
All of which have been mentioned before.........