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It is the same all over the world it is not so hard to rank in a certain country.
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There is no difference or some other techniques of optimization for different countries.
Do the same process and get to see the results.
Google uses the geographic location of the person browsing
as one of the factors when it delivers their search results. It will take it that the person would prefer to see websites
that are in their locality. Therefore if you search for the same keyword using different country versions of Google you will get
different results. Therefore specific action is needed to target the country you want to do well in.

This answer is correct:

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You may submit your links to relevant US based websites or Directory in order to increase your ranking in US.
You can also target USA through Geo targeting in Webmaster Tool
Unfortunately some of the places you would like to feature your site are limited to businesses based in
the US or just a few other countries e.g. Bing Local.
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