How to Improve SEO Skills

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hello guys! i am new here. suggest me best way to improve seo skills.
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Hi and welcome to the forum and the best way to improve your SEO is by having a website and making it SEO Friendly
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To improve SEO skills you need to have:

>Proper tile tags
>Proper meta tags
>Unique content
>Correct Keywords
>attractive design
>Sufficient Backlinks

Hope my reply is of some use for you.
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dear there is a Google SEO starter booklet first of all read that booklet

then you should find some more books regarding the seo to get the theoretical knowledge. but remember seo is a practical knowledge now you have to do practice and with your working u should login to some top seo forums like this go4expert and keep in touch with different seo experts. ask questions to them they would love to help you
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To improve seo skills you have to read blogs related to seo and have to join seo forums .
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Unique Content
Obtaining Backlinks From Other Sites
Title Tags
Internal Link Structure
Use of the Header Tags
Keywords Throughout Your Conten
Keywords In Images