Hello, I'm writing a MFC application to move a picture control when i press the "Next" button. (Please see attached screen-captures)

There is a dialog box on which there are 2 picture controls. When I press the Next button, the left picture control should move on top of the right picture control.
You can see I kept the code for moving the picture control in a for loop because I wanted a sort of animation effect.

As you can see from the attachments, after I move the image there are some vertical lines appearing. How do I make them go away?

Thank you.

void CShabbirDlg::OnBnClickedButton2()
    // TODO: Add your control notification handler code here
    if (pageNum <= 10) {

        CRect RRect, LRect;

        //Get the coordinates of the right and left picture control

        //Move the left picture control to the right
        for (long int i = LRect.left; i > RRect.left; i -= 20) {
            picPreview.MoveWindow(i , LRect.top, LRect.Width(), LRect.Height());

Attached Images
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