sorry for that...
im using tasm.
this program will do a logical operations....that is XOR and XNOR operation..
the code i have display is the code for the whole program..

the problem is;
when i set the input in 8 bit, i can get correct answer.
but what i want is; the input = 16 bit...and get a correct 16 bit answer.

when i insert first input = 1111111111111111(16bit)
second input= 0000000000000000
answer = 1111111011111111

suppose my answer should be all '1'..

i think here is my main problem. that is, conversion hexadecimal to binary.
convbina:			;convert hexadecimal to binary and display
mov cx, 8
pop ax
mov dx, 2
div dl
mov bh, 0
mov bl, ah
push bx
loop loopcbina1
mov dx, offset msg11
mov ah, 09h
int 21h
mov cx, 8
mov dx, 0
pop dx
add dx, 30h
mov ah, 06h
int 21h
loop loopcbina2
jmp finish
hope my explanation help..
sorry my grammar is not that very good.