IE Problem BIG!!! HELP Please!

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Hi all, I have a problem at my company, the computers are all running windows XP Pro and Internet explorer but when the computers type in a URL of a website (Any website) it goes to MSN and only gives out search results with links to the website, but when they click on the link it shows that it cannot show the page or cannot open the search page?? How can I fix that? I thought that installing firefox will solve the problem but I need to be sure about that before I do. The branch is far and I need to have a couple more solutions than only firefox before I go there. Please help me ASAP! Thank you.
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Why don't you install FF on a PC and see if it works.
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Also,from all programs,choose IE +tools and change the homepage.Also look into the internet connections,somebody must a reset them.

just my 2 cents

Pssst= IE is not as safe as FF. Too many exploits wherever you browse.
Also,may i recommend Opera,now you can edit cookies

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I now that FF is safer and all, and I can edit cookies with FF but the thing is that I need to be sure that my solution will work before I drive all the way out to the branch office... But thanx. I will just install FF.
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If u wanna browse in a very secured way. U can try using "Browzar". The whole exe file is around 200KB. NO need to install anything. It doesn's saves anything (History, cookie, etc) in the Local disk. I'm not sure that sites that needs cookies to be enable like Gmail works with this or not.
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I am using FF such a long time and it works good with me, hope it will helps to solve your problem.
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I switched from Internet Exploer to Firefox Recently and its 2x as fast and runs alot smoother.
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I've been such a foul when i accepted the update to IE 7 .. don't make the same mistake .. use FF.
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i think it depends upon you.How much security measures you take while browsing. IE 7/8 can be safe too. If you say FF is safe. Let me tell you Mozilla regularly updating security flaws in FF, same thing is with IE too. FF is free basically and more customizable, that;s why it is getting popular. More you Customize the FIREFOX, more memory will it take. More over, some extensions are also use virus ways to access ur pc. FoxTorrent Extension is one of such examples.If I am wrong somewhere, do let me know. It wud help me to update myself.
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I suggest Reinstall jst your IE, it will fixed