I have developed some simulations in C++ in the old Borland 3.0 version. They involve only simple mathematics. I need to develop some graphics for them. I need to display different moving images simultaneously. Say, three graphics windows at the same time. I am familiar with the BGI library. However, BGI code does not work well on new machines. Or is there any conventional compiler and IDE which will work on windows systems? I prefer to stick to conventional syntax. What C++ IDE should I use? Will I have to switch to Visual C++.

Some experts suggested me Visual C++. I saw a lot of MFC applications in Visual Studio. Should I use them? Or should I go for the Windows console applications? If I use MFC's, is an additional graphics package still required (say SFML)? If it is worth the trouble, I am ready to switch. Can I achieve in MFC the programming that I did in Old Borland.

WinBGIm is a graphics add-on, right? What C++ compiler and do I use it with; and where can i get it? My OS are Windows XP &7.