Hey use this code. Add it to a blank .js file amd include it in your page. Then just call one of the objects for the info you want. You'll need to perform a loop to see what is what from the plugins though. I did test this code in chorme so just a heads up userCpu doesn't work in it. You may need to write a function using regex for a flash version. Try my below code for plugins in your browser to see how its set up though first. If you compress the code it'll be an uber tiny library for user specs on the client end.

Code: JavaScript
var userSpecs =
browserVersion : navigator.appVersion,
browserName : navigator.appName,
cookiesEnabled : navigator.cookieEnabled,
userAgent : navigator.userAgent,
systemLanguage : navigator.systemLanguage,
userLanguage : navigator.userLanguage,
installedPlugins : navigator.plugins,
userOS : navigator.platform,
mimeTypes : navigator.mimeTypes,
browserCodeName : navigator.appCodeName,
javaEnabled : navigator.javaEnabled,
taintEnabled : navigator.taintEnabled,
userCpu : navigator.cpuClass

show browser version
Code: JavaScript
//show fall back which would be regexed through

show all plugins descriptions
Code: JavaScript
var i = 0;

for (i = 0; i < userSpecs.installedPlugins.length; i++)
document.write(userSpecs.installedPlugins[i].description + "<br />");

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