ya. pretty suitable answer from the admin. Mostly all rules are meant to be broken. If we did a thing which shouldn't be done there(for e.g playing games in the library) that's a reputation for that kid. and some one like locksmith wanna think about logging into g4ef and spend his time rather than looking on to books. So nothing is an offence. U can very well cheat the librarian by some programs, and Do GOOD activity, dont even let this trick to ur friends, as they might do something bad. And atlast u'll be their problem's origin. So U shud know wat sort of program they use to monitor ur activity. U can try programs like spoofing the MAC address or so. So 1st know wat sort of thing they re using, then u can find a solution. Viable solution can be found in 2 ways, one is to agree with the person, and another one is to cheat.