Hi everyone,
I'm new at hacking, and I won't to learn how to break into sites for start, and then computers and everything else... I had a lecture from a security expert who used to be a hacker, and he explained how to hack and gave us names of tools used to hack such as Nmap, Nessus, Wireshark, key enable, Metasploit Framewok, Hping 2, Cain and Able, John the ripper and so on...
For start, how can I use any of these programs? As I said, I'm new in hacking and didn't even managed to run Metasploit Framework for example. I tried also using Cain and Able to do something, but I didn't manage to do anything.
So, I want to start from the beginning - What is the most easy hacking action that I can do and how can I do it?
If necessary - I know C#, PHP, JS (a little) and Flash. And my English is not so good, so please forgive me for misspelling and grammar mistakes.
Please help,