Thanks for replying.

Do you think the following code would work?;

if(ShellExecute(NULL, "explore", "\\\\panarchy\\share", NULL, NULL, SW_SHOWNORMAL); == ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND)
  ShellExecute(NULL, "explore", "C:\\Backup\sony\\", NULL, NULL, SW_SHOWNORMAL);
  ShellExecute(NULL, "explore", "D:\\Backup\\", NULL, NULL, SW_SHOWNORMAL);
Tell me if you think it would work.

Thanks in advance,


PS: The reason I can't test it myself is because I don't have any shares on my network.

EDIT: Just tried it, did not work. Here is my complete log file;

main.cpp|7|warning: character constant too long for its type|
main.cpp||In function `int WinMain(HINSTANCE__*, HINSTANCE__*, CHAR*, int)':|
main.cpp|7|error: expected `)' before '\x4d414c29'|
main.cpp|7|warning: the address of `HINSTANCE__* ShellExecuteA(HWND__*, const CHAR*, const CHAR*, const CHAR*, const CHAR*, INT)', will always evaluate as `true'|
main.cpp|7|error: expected primary-expression before '==' token|
main.cpp|7|error: expected `;' before ')' token|
main.cpp|9|warning: unknown escape sequence '\s'|
main.cpp|12|error: expected primary-expression before "else"|
main.cpp|12|error: expected `;' before "else"|
||=== Build finished: 5 errors, 3 warnings ===|

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