I have a project I need done and looking for a Programmer

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I have a project I need done and looking for a Programmer to build a relationship with for future products. We really wanted someone local but we will accept a telecomputer relationship for now.

Anyway we have a low budget and need a simple program created for our site, we are looking for someone with patients because no one in our company is any kind of software guru.

We have an example program that can be used for modeling, and we can communicate to the programmer what we want done.

We want the open source code so when we finally hire a programmer on staff they can troubleshoot and add features to it.

Language, well we want it to be strong with minimal bugs and erros. Our example program is created in Visual Studio MFC.
Now I am not sure this is the right forum to post in so I will not go into detail here unless I am told it is ok.

Upfront we will pay $500 for working version one. Then upto $100 per month for three months Max to get all the kinks worked out and the programming running smoothly.

So, there is money to made here. Along with that we would like support after the three months if any erros occur with this program.

Please email us if you are interested or please tell us where the appropriate place is to post this project.

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Wrong forum. Moved to the right forum. It should be in Queries and expert comment and not in Codes and projects.