I have a project which has to be done in hindi language.

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Does any body has an idea how a static website can be done in hindi... i have tried a lot but havent sorted out stuff. I know i am suppose to use unicode but HOW ?? its frustrating... how can i convert hindi fonts into unicode for html on web..??
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There are 2 ways of doing it.

1. The brute face way of having images instead of text. This will increase your page load time unless you have some one / two images for some logo.
2. Have the font embed into web page. This is also simple and will have your page load time decrease.
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I have seen sites using either of the two ways shabbir has mentioned. So you can choose the best option for you. If your site is just a startup, you can just use images for the time being as performance might not be a issue. You can think of the 2way when you have lot of traffic and feel that the site is showing slow response time to users.
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well i know that the fonts have to embeded... but how is the problem ... ? I somehow cant sort out unicod embedding is done. Any idea ?

There is no ways i am going to embed images for making an hindi site...