I am proficient in SQL, how hard would it be to learn Oracle? Can I learn it in 3 wks

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Hi ladies and gents,

I am planning on creating an estate agency website. I have about 3 months to do that. I did computer science in uni, so i know java, c++, SQL, x/html, html, a bit of javascript, css. I bought a PHP and Oracle book.

My question is, considering the fact that I have never created a website with a fully functional database on, how long does it normally take for experience people to create such a site?

If I am a fast learner would I be able to do it in 3 months? I am really scared that I am taking on a challenge that I will not be able to handle. I will be fully committed and obviously will be spending day and night on designing and coding the site.

Finally the most important question I want people to answer is this, if I am already proficient in SQL, will learning Oracle take much time? Can I not do the site with SQL instead of Oracle at the moment?

Massive "Thanks" to any who answers my questions. I am mainly interested in your views so any reply will be welcome.
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First you have to make a choice on the platform and PHP / MySQL should not take that long provided you have fairly decent idea about programming and database.